New v2 documentation site is up - happy new year!

It’s here! Welcome — Caddy Documentation

I have finally been able to move most of the v2 docs off the wiki and into the new documentation site.

The new docs feature:

  • Rich, interactive JSON config exploration
    • This is generated automatically from source code
    • Godoc comments can use Markdown and be rendered
    • It supports third-party plugins! (registration system coming later)
  • Tutorials
  • Installation guide
  • Official distributions
  • Helpful tips along the side
  • Linkable section headers
  • Proper API and CLI docs and examples
  • Conventions (things that are often obscure with other web servers)

It’s still very much a WIP, so if you see errors, don’t panic, just let me know if they don’t go away soon.

The Caddyfile will probably be the last thing done and documented before the release candidates.

I’ll be publishing the source code soon, when I have a chance.

Happy new year.

May 2020 be the year of widespread Caddy adoption, sponsorships, and good documentation.