New release with preset transparent fixed?


Just curious, when will a new release come out?
Surely I can’t use a master build in production…


I don’t normally recommend doing this but right now I think you’re pretty safe using master in the state it’s in, if you’re in a hurry to get the new fixes!

I’ll stick to having all the headers listed out for now.

Was simply curious about an ETA of the next release, and why not having more small releases, if Caddy is using semver?

Because right now releases are entirely manual - doing a release is about a half-day project unfortunately. :confused:

REALLY? Why is that? Does Caddy take a long time to compile?

Is there anything the community can do to help? I’d love to help but I’m going to need some pointers since I’m not a go programmer.

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No, like most Go programs, it compiles very quickly (a few seconds on my Macbook Pro). The build server (the program behind Caddy’s download page) needs to be rewritten. I have plans for it, and once I can articulate the details well enough, I would be happy to have the community help. :slight_smile: I’d love to automate as much of this as possible, but it will require some programming!

And it may be a good opportunity for new Go programmers, so stay tuned.

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Sounds cool, thanks!

@matt: I’d be interested in helping you out with the automated build server I have experience is this area. PM me and we can talk about it.

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Can you then add it to the “known issues”?


Sounds great, I’ll PM you soon. We still have quite a few operational details to work out…

Is transparent still considered broken?

Not on master :slight_smile:

But my docker image uses the build server :frowning: