New plugin for inserting backend services into Caddy templates

Hey everyone,
I just started working on a new plugin for Caddy based off of the work I’ve been doing on the markdown plugin. While this plugin is based off of the markdown plugin, it will have a very different focus in the long run.

The idea is to allow you to quickly integrate other apps and APIs into a site served with Caddy. Examples might be:

  1. Integrating a Rails, Node, etc. app into a pre-defined site template, allowing you to proxy requests to multiple back ends but keeping a unified front end design, authorization, etc.
  2. Creating HTML templates for JSON data from a remote API. For example, maybe you have a microservice that is consumed by multiple apps, and you want to use data from that microservice in your site without building a javascript app. You can create a template for the API requests and return good old HTML to your clients.

I plan to work on a way to make it easy to forward JWT tokens to APIs, etc.

This is not stable and doesn’t even have any tests at the moment, but feel free to check it out.


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