New Plugin: caddy-nats-bridge

Hey everybody,

I have just now released a plugin to bridge Caddy to the message broker - we plan to use this quite extensively in our infrastructure and I thought it might be useful for others.

Go check it out here:

Looking forward to feedback :heart:

PS: Somehow, registering the package on threw some errors - so it is currently not yet listed. I’ll try again tomorrow :slight_smile:


It shows up on Download Caddy now but it’s not showing the modules for the package.

What error did you get? We can look up the error ID to tell you what the problem was.

Point of feedback: I’d recommend saying in the README to use the order global option to set a directive order for the handler directives, instead of always wrapping them with a route.

Thanks, will do :heart:

Right now, it says “Rescan failed - bad gateway”. So no error ID for me right now - sorry!

All the best,

I restarted the servers, just to see if that helps? :man_shrugging:

thanks :slight_smile: but sadly same error…

I think on initial registration, I saw an error code; but no matter what I do now I get an 502 bad gateway (rescan or re-add)

all the best,

Interesting, rescan works for me.

Oh… you know, the error logs show:

HTTP 500: loading package exec [go get]: exit status 1

That’s not a valid Go module. Go modules don’t have schemes…

@matt, yeah, I once used the URL with https:// prefix, then found the error and since then I tried without :slight_smile:

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Huh. That’s the only 502 appearing in our logs. Weird.

I’ll try to find out more when I have time. (Our website needs a lot of work.)

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Thanks and keep up the great work :slight_smile: :heart:

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