New Custom Module for OLO signature authorization

I authored a custom module that handles generating OLOs Signature Authorization header. This method of authentication is used for server-to-server authentication with OLO APIs and thus the first clue on why this is here. An OLO developer account is required to view the documentation, but I got a quick breakdown in the readme that covers what this module does.

What is OLO?
OLO is the dominant player in Online Ordering. In a nutshell, it’s the piece that provides menus and funnels your mobile order off to the restaurant. It also does all the grunt work of interfacing with KDSs (Kitchen Display System) - the display employees behind the counter use to make your order. If you have ever ordered food from an establishment online (mobile/web), chances are high that the request passes through OLO.

Why is this needed?
I cover that in my readme as well. For your convenience, it’s needed because OLO requires all web clients to pass requests through a proxy (CORS and stuff). This is where Caddy comes in because it makes for a great reverse proxy!

Let me know what we think. I understand if this is too niche for the general user. Just wanted to see if we think this can provide value to other users.

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Very cool! Thank you for sharing.

What the requirements are for getting a plugin to Modules - Caddy Documentation? Does this plugin meet the requirements? Mainly just a curiosity at this point.

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Just make an account at Dashboard - Caddy to register your plugin. There’s no particular requirements, other than needing to be pure-Go (no CGO) and being a valid Go module.

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Thanks! That was easy: Modules - Caddy Documentation. I’ll update the docs soon.


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