New caddy rate limit module

I implement a new ratelimit plugin here base on mholt’s

it support distribute ratelimit with redis as storage,whitelist ,blacklist and unblock banned ip manually(modify it yourself from redis current)

@Hayak3 Interesting… what does it do differently from GitHub - mholt/caddy-ratelimit: HTTP rate limiting module for Caddy 2, though? The original also supports distributed rate limiting, and pluggable storage backends (including redits).

Also, I would appreciate if you could mention in the readme that it’s a fork of mholt/caddy-ratelimit. I’m glad you kept the commit history, at least, but it’s worth noting that the original work wasn’t yours.

And the Apache license requires keeping the original copyright when redistributing. I admit it was my fault for not putting the copyright in all the code files (I didn’t know anyone really used this code tbh), but I just pushed a commit that adds the copyright to the code files. Would you please kindly sync up your fork so the original copyright is preserved? Thanks!

Apologize for my faults first,and I have metion the fork information in the title of readme.Sorry that I’m not familiar the license.
By the way,in my implemention, the main purpose is to unblock an IP trigged the ratelimit and I think it’s more easier to understand.
And I also give a choice for someone who want’s to set whitelist or blacklist for ratelimit.
sincerely apologize to you

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No worries. It was my fault for not including the copyright in the code earlier.

Doesn’t have to be a huge mention :smiley: Just a note somewhere is a common courtesy in open source so people can trace the origins of the code.

Anyway, that’s great if it works well for you :+1:

I’d be interested in seeing a more specific comparison – is it that your module adds features? Or is it just configured differently? i.e. forks usually describe their motive so that users can choose which one to use. Just a few tips :wink:

Thanks for sharing!

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