Multiple site conflict with PHP require_once

Good afternoon, I have some PHP sites on the same Caddy server. There is a require_once () call that returns a file with variable declaration. All sites get only the variables from the first site configured in the caddy. As if the php page were running on the same site. Is there any way to isolate websites as if they were running in different environments?
Using the require () function the variables are correct, but I would like to keep the require_once call.

I tried to change the php-fpm port settings in Caddyfille, but it still didn’t work.

root /var/www/central
fastcgi / php-fpm:9000 php {
index index.php

root /var/www/grimf
fastcgi / php-fpm:9001 php {
index index.php

Thank you!

Hi @Flavio_Santana, welcome to the Caddy community.

How, and where, are you setting these variables?

Also, out of curiosity - you have the php preset for fastcgi, but then you declare index index.php manually. Is there a reason for the redundant configuration?

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