Multipass: new Caddy plugin


I released a new Caddy plugin called Multipass.

Multipass can be used to protect web resources. It’s like basic auth but instead of having to remember your password you submit your email address and in turn receive a one time (24h) login link.

Multipass implements the idea to authenticate users based on something they own instead of something they know. This is better known as the second factor of Two-factor Authentication.

Currently works with email address but can be extended to work with other messaging platforms like Slack, Pushover, SMS and probably more.

More information can be found on the GitHub page.
Binaries are available for Linux, MacOS and Windows on the releases page.


Wow, this is great Lars! :tada: Can we get this on the Caddy download page? We just need some docs for the website.

Thanks Matt, it would be great to have it on the download page.

Before I start on the docs, do you have any questions regarding the plugin?

very nice @namsral especially with pushover and sms !