Multipass - CSRF token


I am new to caddy and am trying to test out multipass. When I go to localhost:8081/multipass, I get the multipass submit screen to submit in my handle. When I type in the email address that I specified in handles line of the Caddyfile, I get the error,

Sorry, your CSRF token is invalid

Could anyone point me in the right direction on how to proceed?

Many thanks,


I see you opened an issue on the plugin’s repo with your question; that’s good, I’d also recommend saying what you’ve tried, what your Caddyfile looks like, etc.

Caddyfile is below:

localhost:8081 {

tls off
root /home/marc/CaddyServer

errors {
    log error.log

fastcgi / {
		ext  .php

multipass {
    resources /forms
	basepath /multipass
	expires 24h
    smtp_server  <--- (tried both 465 and 587)
    smtp_pass 123456
    mail_from "Multipass <>"

log stdout


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