Moving from traefik to caddy. Docker compose setup + rolling updates

1. The problem I’m having:


I currently running docker compose with traefik and labels. I saw that there is also an option to use labels with caddy.

For my docker compose I am planning to use rolling updates.
=> Docker is running
=> New Docker container is creating, while the container is build and not “healthy”, Caddy should send the traffic to the old container.
=> Once the new container is up and “healthy”, Caddy should send the traffic to this container.
=> Old container will be stopped and deleted.

Can I also build this kind of rolling updates with Caddy? If yes, do you have a example docker-compose / example config file for that use case?

Thank you :slight_smile:

a. System environment:

Debian Buckworm

Yeah, you’re looking for GitHub - caddyserver/caddy-docker: Source for the official Caddy v2 Docker Image

I don’t think you need to do anything special for that to work, Caddy’s config will be reloaded as you add and remove containers. It’s up to you to manage the containers though.


Thank you!

I am a little bit confused.
In the meanwhile I was adding this project:

Is this project something complete different? (FORK or why does this exist?)

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Oops, yes, that’s the link I meant to paste but my browser autocomplete didn’t give me what I wanted and I didn’t even read what I pasted :rofl:

CDP is what you should use if you want to use labels, yes.

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