Module path and docs

I added a module some time ago (, but see two problems I can’t seem to find a solution for.

  1. The documentation on that page is empty. How can I add it there?
  2. The module “homepage” is referencing the import path (which is not the same). How can I fix this?

(3. Did I just overlook those topics in the documentation?)

You need to add tags to your struct fields for your module:

They’re missing from your struct here:

You should also set json field tags as well so that JSON decoding is handled correctly.

Thanks for that hint! I will add the missing struct documentation and JSON tags. (Judging by other plugins and the docs the json tags should suffice. We’ll see :-))

Any idea about the “homepage” link? It seems to use the import path, but the import path is not the github repo (due to the semver handling in Go).

Oh… yeah that was not my brightest moment. I’ll probably need to add another field for a link to the module’s code or maybe use logic like what does to automatically detect it. (Not sure how that works though.)

Is this what we’re looking for @matt?

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