Migration to Caddy with Auto SSL from Nginx

Hi there,

I’'m working for a SaaS company and we want to provide automatic HTTPS to our clients.
We have been using a manual process in the past using Nginx.
We have already been using Caddy in Production and it’s working great but we want to migrate people from our old Nginx set up to Caddy.

We have read the LetsEncrypt rate limit documentation (Rate Limits - Let's Encrypt)
At the moment we have about 500 different registered domains that are pointing to our old Nginx server.
What would happen if we were to swap Nginx for Caddy.
Would it be a problem, or would the ~500 certificates be generated?

Thank you!

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Hi, welcome!

Are the certificates all for different hostnames? If so, it won’t be a problem. If they are for subdomains of the same domain, you will hit rate limits and should consider a wildcard certificate instead (which Caddy can also manage for you).

Thanks, it worked perfectly!

We did hit a rate limit of a maximum of 300 New Orders per account per 3 hours but after 3 hours the remaining certificates were generated.

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