Migrating our hosting servers to a Caddy based solution

This is my first post in the Caddy forum and I’m not really sure which topic it belongs in, so feel free to move it if this is not the right place.

My name is John, and I’m one of the co-founders of an ethical and sustainable hosting company called S4. We started the company about a year and a half ago, with very clear aims - we want to make the internet a little bit more Sustainable, Speedy, Stable and Secure with each site we host.

After huge amounts of research and pooling our experience we made some infrastructure decisions that seemed right at the time and which have served us very well as we’ve grown from zero clients to where we are today, but now we are planning to make some changes.

As we have grown and scaled up, we’ve ended up with some disparate solutions to different client requests and needs, mostly LSWS but with some Nginx thrown in here and there as well, different caching solutions, various self-built tools for controlling different things, our own forked version of an open source control panel.

Everything works very well, but we are always looking for better solutions and we aren’t afraid to do things a little bit differently. So, we are building new solutions that we will standardise, deploy and eventually move all of our existing clients sites over to.

What we’d like to do is to use Caddy as the web server in our new stack, and have started doing research and experimenting to find out how we can make that work, including looking at what people have done before.

I know that we are on a road less travelled here, and so we are going to have to create solutions on our own, and we are fine with that.

One of those is our need to build a simple client control panel, which doesn’t seem to be something I can find an example of anywhere, a few old forum discussions, a Github issue that continually referenced an official GUI but seems to have died out, and a reference to a server agnostic panel that hasn’t been updated for four years.

Does anyone have or know off any existing GUI / control panel for Caddy that works, or would anyone be interested in offering thoughts or contributing to an open source project that we will start to build one?

Similarly, if anyone knows of any other hosting services that are using Caddy, or has much experience in deploying it for this kind of use case, and would be willing, then I’d love to talk to you.

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@matt is working on some admin panel stuff, but that’s likely still a ways out from being ready.

What exactly is the featureset you’re looking for here? What are you looking to be able to do?

Hi Francis, thanks for the welcome

I’m assuming that you are talking about in the control panel.

To start with we are going to build something very simple but gradually add more features, I don’t actually have an initial nailed-down featureset yet, it’s a work in progress but we should have it all nailed down much more in the next few days.

In any case we aren’t looking to build a cpanel equivalent here, just something to allow clients to perform some basic and simple tasks, and view some information like quotas, etc.

We run our own DNS network, built on Bind (at the moment) and mail server (we’ve built a tool we are happy with for mail users admin), and so we will want to roll control of those into it at some point, but we will add those in separately as ‘modules’ so they will be separated from the main functions of the control panel.

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