Media (video/mp2t) Reverse Proxying possible?

Hi there,

i would use the TyperCaddy Reverse Proxy Server (Caddy Proxy GUI) to proxy the Audio/Video Streams.

We have installed it successful. We have the following issues:

We have add a test Proxy Server:
And also add following Host:

Our test domain: [h t t p://](h t t p:// does successfully redirects to our streaming main server: http://

and it does also does open the Playlist from there. But the Playlist does contain the IP Adress as streaming links like:
h t t p://
instead of the Domain:
h t t p://

If I redirect the Domain directly to the Main Server IP (without using the Proxy) and download the Playlist, so, in this case, the Playlist contains the correct streaming link, like:
h t t p://

Very important is also,
If i try to open the direct stream url, so i can play the stream via VLC.
If the link is direct by the proxy, so VLC can’t open the stream.

So basically, are there some special or custom configurations on the proxy settings to redirect also video streams?

Our target is to protect the IP of our Mainserver.

Thanks and regards.

The Option “Transparent” solve the issue with getting the correct epoxying streaming links like:
h t t p://

But the streams still not open even though the source Link is correct.

Just for basic info, if I open the Link on a Browser without using the proxy, I get a download file with type: video/mp2t ( )

I just read also the caddyserver wiki and community, i have there something with the MIME Types and Header Settings, but i am very new and i don’t know about those settings.

I just see here: some configuration options, but i don’t know about their possible values and settings.

Maybe someone can help me out, to set the correct values for the type: video/mp2t and all other Media MIME Types

Thanks an regrads

Hi @Ugur_Dundar, welcome to the Caddy community.

I’m not familiar with TyperCaddy or that UI, I don’t think it’s from any of the registered Caddy plugins available. Have you tried contacting the developer of that app for help?

It is just a UI for Caddy.

I wanted know whether I can proxy also Audio/Video Streams with standard MIME’ Types like:


What exactly I have to do, to proxy also those MIME types with Caddy ?
I need a example configuration settings for it.

Thanks and regards

There’s no special configuration required. Caddy’s reverse proxy is designed to faithfully reproduce the upstream response for the connecting client, including any headers such as Content-Type.

Hi again,

i just have proxy to Domain to the traget IP.
If i call the the m3u playlist:
I can successful download it.

In the Playlist i have the direct stream URL’s like:

I get Status Code 401 Unauthorized: Screenshot by Lightshot

Without proxying (DynDNS is redirected to the Main Server):

How can i solve it

Does the UI produce a Caddyfile? If so, what’s in it?

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