Make Enable the Use of TCP Fast Open

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to know how can I enable use of TCP FastOpen on Caddy Server?
Has anybody done anything for that?

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Hey @Mohamadgh - sorry, not sure how I missed this thread way back then.

Caddy doesn’t support TCP Fast Open; I’m waiting until Go supports it, maybe 1.10: net: add support for TCP Fast Open · Issue #4842 · golang/go · GitHub

However, I’m placing bigger bets on BBR. You can try it now on Linux:


TCP_FASTOPEN reduces the time-to-first-byte (on both sides). (Think: first bytes sooner.)

TCP_BBR is a congestion control, which results in better bandwidth utilization (think: faster downloads).



Is there way to enable Tcp Fast Open for Caddy Servers?
I see that Go supports it now.