Lots of docs links are blank


While browsing through the docs alot of links result into a blank page. Opening the developer tools it shows a 502 error status.

This is really annoying as I can barely find my way through the docs this way, if all pages show up empty.

This is a known issue, apparently the database is sleep()ing for 2 minutes before responding. We’re not sure why.

If you leave the page open for 2 minutes it will appear.

Hm, have tried it, but seems not to work for me.

I waited 5 min on this page

Still shows empty page.

Try again; I rebooted the server this time.

The server might not be responsive, you on the other hand … haha.

Thanks, althought the problem persists on other pages. Ill wait for you guys to fix it then :slight_smile:


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