Logstash logging

I am developing a system where logs are logged centralised repo using a Logstash.

Does anyone know if I can make Caddy to log to Logstash using their native transport, or do I need create a log file and then have another process to read and transport logs? I tried to check for logging plugins, but Google search results were a bit here and there.

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I don’t think there’s currently any existing plugins for sending logs to Logstash, the only log writer modules are these: JSON Config Structure - Caddy Documentation

But it would be possible to write a log writer plugin to do this, probably with not too much effort. It would be a module with an ID caddy.logging.writers.logstash, and it would need to implement the
caddy.WriterOpener interface.

More instructions on writing modules here:


Thank you so much @francislavoie

As we do not have in-house capacity or talent, I would like to sponsor an open-source plugin development for Logstash. What would be the best way to attract developers for a fixed price project? I would like to make this an open bounty and see if there is interested for anyone to tackle this.


I’ll start by tweeting it. What’s a good way for people to contact you?

We do also offer expert Caddy-related development either through sponsorships or a dev contract with Ardan. (But an open bounty will likely be more affordable.)

@miohtama Please DM me here or on Twitter and we can discuss details, arrive at an agreement.


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