Load balancing problem with docker dnsrr mode

I use caddy as load balancer for my docker swarm cluster.
I use dynamic A upstream resolver to get host IPs.

Here is my configuration:

api.globus.furniture {
    reverse_proxy {
        dynamic a {
            name api-service
            port 80
        lb_policy ip_hash
        health_uri /base/health
        header_up Host {upstream_hostport}
        header_down +X-Used-Endpoint {upstream_hostport}
        header_down -server
    encode zstd gzip

The problem comes with service updates, When I update service of my cluster I get significant downtime.
Docker makes sure a container is up and running before shutting down the previous one, so i think the problem is not with docker setup.

If before update my nodes ips (resolved from dns a record) were:
After update all IPS change.
So for example i will get:

Caddy by default only updates dns records every minute. So depending on the luck, i get up to a minute of downtime.

The solution I see for this is to refresh dns every time upstream health check fails. Or maybe when all upstream health check failed. It can guarantee I will get little to no downtime. But I have no idea how to make it possible with current configuration.

You can change the refresh interval in the config, you can try 2s or even 0. Since DNS is resolved by a machine close by, it shouldn’t be slow/harmful to make DNS queries every time. But if you want some caching, you can turn on retries with lb_try_duration, and set it to something like 5s, or at least longer than the DNS refresh interval to guarantee it will refresh DNS before trying again.

Your idea of refreshing if a connection fails is good idea, I’m not sure how easy it is to implement though because it would require you to configure retries, and the dynamic upstream provider would need to be aware that the next attempt is a retry. Right now there’s no distinction.

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Thanks I will use your solution first

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