Lint the Caddy configuration

(Bob Brown) #1

Hi all,

We’re well on our way to dropping apache across the board and using Caddy with PHP-FPM. One of the useful things in Apache is the ability to lint the config before restarting the server, e.g. apache2ctl configtest.

Is there a similar tool for Caddy? I have had a search but nothing is coming up.


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(Matthew Fay) #2

I was going to suggest caddy -validate, which purportedly checks that the Caddyfile is valid and then exits…

However, it actually just starts the Caddy server on my mac (version 0.11.0). That probably shouldn’t be the case, right @matt?

(Matt Holt) #3

Works for me:

Are you sure? :-/

(Matthew Fay) #4

Fairly sure.


(Matt Holt) #5

Dumb question, but do you have a Caddyfile in that folder?

(Matthew Fay) #6

No. Here’s what happens when I run caddy -validate in a folder with a Caddyfile:


(Matt Holt) #7

… that’s really weird. I can’t explain it :man_shrugging:

(Matthew Fay) #8

I just re-downloaded 0.11.0 with no plugins, seems to be validating instead of starting now. Seems to imply one of the plugins I was using was interfering.