Letsencrypt/dns: working example?

I am trying to use the DNS solver for letsencrypt (specifically DNSmadeeasy).

Here is my Caddyfile:

tls {
    dns dnsmadeeasy
log /data/access.log
markdown /blog
root /data/htdocs

This is what I’m trying:


caddy \
  -ca "https://acme-staging.api.letsencrypt.org/directory" \
  -log foolog \
  -agree \
  -email dewey.hylton@gmail.com

This immediately returns the following error:

Activating privacy features... 2018/05/07 17:35:00 directory missing new registration URL

This only happens with the staging environment. The production URL fails in a different way, but of course I do not want to test with that. I’m still trying to work out the dnsmadeeasy piece but in this scenario I am not getting that far.

Does it look like I’m attempting this the correct way, or is my attempt flawed somehow? I’d really like to see a working example but have been unable to find one as of yet …

For what it’s worth, I’m trying to obtain letsencrypt certs for an internal server, unreachable from the internet.

Well, I found the v2 url does seem to work:


I’m still failing with dnsmadeeasy, with HTTP status code 400, but the original problem appears to be solved. If this is a known issue (or I’m obviously doing something wrong) I’d still like to hear about it.

Hello @dhylton,

Caddy does not support ACME v1, you will have to use ACME v2.

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