Let's talk about categories

So far, I’ve added two categories that seem to be popular topics in the Caddysphere:

  • Help (for help using and configuring Caddy)
  • Production Use (for using Caddy in production)

I figure we should start small and grow as needed. I’m pretty picky about choosing categories that have the right scope, relevancy, and longevity. But I want to hear your thoughts, since, above all, I want to avoid “Uncategorized” topics.

What other categories should we have? Web Development? Plugins?

Keep in mind that bug reports and specific development topics (feature implementations, etc.) should generally go in GitHub issues or pull requests, so we won’t need those categories on the forum.

“Announcements” would be good to have, to quickly find updates about Caddy.

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That’s a good idea. Done!

A category specifically for distribution package maintainers would be quite nice.

Discuss about new plugins and how to create plugins

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I’m so confused, are they middleware, add-ons, or plugins?

Good question. :slight_smile: They’re add-ons right now but with 0.9 they will be plugins, and that’ll be clear with the 0.9 release announcement.

Middleware is an orthogonal concept, but it just so happens that most plugins correspond to a middleware. Middleware is a function that gets chained into the request handler (ServeHTTP).

Cool, thanks!

@Suntharesan_Mohan Added a Plugins category - cheers!

Cool :slight_smile:

I’m new to golang, so I’d like to have a golang category specific to caddyserver. I’d like to make some plugins to share, eventually, but I’ll be needing to move up from my Turbo Pascal and Assembler skillz and get some golang sea legs before I’ll be any good. A category on hacking caddyserver would be nice and much appreciated.

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Have you seen the Go Forum? That will expose your Go coding questions to more people.

If your question is about the Caddy library specifically, feel free to ask here… not sure I want to make a “Development” category since I want most development discussion on GitHub, to keep things moving. For now I guess it can go in “Help” or “Plugins” if you’re writing a plugin.

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Why yes, and no. I signed up there a bit ago and have been so busy with things that I never made it back. Thanks for pointing me to it again.

I’m trying to immerse myself in go and am working my way through a pile of books along with taking a course on Udemy pertaining to go.

I prefer less categories or no categories. Always find it overwhelming when I have to sort through 10 subforums to works out where my post should go. It really shouldn’t matter.

It’s senseless bureaucracy put onto the user where well architected software should be handle to handle the problem of organising the information. Yahoo versus Google? :wink:

I will add a category for topics about coding with Caddy. It’ll be for topics about using Caddy in Go programs or developing around Caddy, but actual Caddy development should go in GitHub issues. (I’ll explain this in the “About this category” post.)

Don’t worry @hendry, I think I’m done making new categories for now. :wink:

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How about a Security category? Security is such a big topic right now and web servers play a vital role since they typically host Internet exposed applications. Plus, one of Caddy’s most unique features is automatic HTTPS.

I think that would probably fit fine in the Production Use or Help category, depending on if the question was more about the system/network or using Caddy’s security features.