Keeping lock file fresh - Error I'm getting from the logs

I see that sometimes my logs print this error:
Feb 10 08:42:34 ip-172-30-4-152 caddy[479]: 2022/02/10 08:42:34 [ERROR] Keeping lock file fresh: unexpected end of JSON input - terminating lock maintenance (lockfile: /mnt/efs/caddy_data/locks/issue_cert_www. userDomain .pl.lock)

What it mean?


I think your lock file’s contents got corrupted. The contents should have two timestamps, it should look something like this:


There might be an issue with your EFS sync, especially since you’ve run into multiple issues at this point.

There’s a comment in the code around where that error is triggered that links to this issue from last year which mentions another user using EFS. Maybe that fix wasn’t enough to ensure that writes are synced properly. I’m not sure there’s much else Caddy can do to improve the situation :thinking:

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