JSON equivalent of cert_issuer global option


What would the syntax for:

cert_issuer zerossl <api_key>

In JSON format, be?
Also, JSON Config Structure - Caddy Documentation
is broken relating to latest rc version, because we have mac_key vs. “hmac”.

I know that is to be expected with RC versions, but shouldn’t we have a “RC docs” going with the ongoing releases or at least somewhere in release notes? Wasn’t a big deal at all, just saying it.

Hi Henrik,

To convert Caddyfile to JSON, just run caddy adapt, giving it your Caddyfile with the --config parameter if necessary (the default is the Caddyfile in the same dir).

And yeah, docs are hard; I haven’t gotten around to publishing proper docs for the RC version. It’s been a busy few weeks and I’m a little behind on everything still.

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