JSON configuration playground (online, with Run and Share buttons)

This is a suggestion to develop an online JSON configuration playground.

The left panel would have modules listed, with checkboxes, so that the JSON schema can be generated automatically for the online editor depending on what modules are on/off.

The main editor would be in the middle, with contextual help like in most IDEs that can assist in writing JSON based on the schema file.

The right panel would have an input for the URL, the request headers, and other request parameters (like e.g. geography location latitude/longitude).

The “Test” button would “run” the URL against the configuration file in the main editor, and would output the processing logic steps - i.e. which handler(s) would get called and in which order.

And then of course a “Share” button.

I doubt there is such a useful tool for other popular servers like e.g. nginx (not googled thought). So could be a very useful thing that facilitates the adoption of Caddy and sharing knowledge and snippets between its users.

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Yeah, this would be cool. I have something like this in mind for our hosted management UI – it’s just a lot of work and I’m still in the design phase, but I have started building it. Just takes time…

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