Is there any easy way to install and configure php with caddy

I’m looking for an easy way to configure and install php along with caddy server. I have seen few configurations examples out there on other sites, but looking for more easy to use way.

There is always a room for improvement for any application, Lets make caddy more developer friendly and easy to access.

Could you please fill out the help template so we know how to help you? (Create a new topic in the Help category and you will see the template you can copy into your existing post.)

The easiest way to use PHP is just one line in the Caddyfile: php_fastcgi (Caddyfile directive) — Caddy Documentation

Sure i will, but this is not related to the HELP me configure the caddy to run php. This is more than help.

Im looking for a only click install or simple wget install method.

The : php_fastcgi (Caddyfile directive) — Caddy Documentation
page you have shared have an option how to configure phpfastcgi, but now how to install php, and then how to configure it based on versions we install, something like that.

I know i can google and find a lot of configuration method, but im looking for something simple, something easy, like how you guys made SSL fetching and installing new certificates on site which get added in caddy server.

I hope, you can get what im trying to state in here.

To learn how to install PHP, refer to PHP’s documentation: PHP: Installation and Configuration - Manual

It’s not our job to teach people how to use PHP, only how to configure Caddy. Unfortunately we cannot document every possible system or application that people use with their web server. However, yourself and the rest of the community are invited to contribute to our wiki with that information:

To use PHP with Caddy, you’re looking to use PHP-FPM

There’s thousands of guides online on the topic, I recommend looking for those.

The process is exactly the same as if you were to set up PHP for use with nginx, but with Caddy instead of nginx.

Like Matt said, it’s not our job to document how to do this, users are expected to understand how to administer their own machines.


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