Is there a way to build static site in to caddy by using go embed?

The way is build as a caddy module, is there other ways?

Welcome Jonathan, good question.

I don’t think we’ve had a request for this before. What is your use case?

But yes, I think a module would be able to do it. (Could be third-party. Doesn’t need to be part of Caddy’s standard/official distribution.)

Thanks to your response.

I’m trying to add a build in web UI to caddy.

The way i see is to create a module in http.handlers.
Before I start, ask the community if I have better choise.

Yeah, an HTTP handler module is how you should do it. Caddy is designed around the config (see Architecture — Caddy Documentation), so you need to provide a module that does what you need and plug it into the config.

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I made it. Thanks.


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