Is caddyserver FIPS compliant?

1. Caddy version (caddy version):

Latest version

2. How I run Caddy:

Docker image on windows.

a. System environment:

Windows Server 2019, Docker

b. Command:

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c. Service/unit/compose file:

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d. My complete Caddyfile or JSON config:

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3. The problem I’m having:

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5. What I already tried:

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I think so? You’ll have to be more specific. There’s different versions of FIPS.

I believe PCI DSS requires some form of FIPS compliance, and Caddy is PCI-DSS compliant:

Okay. Any version of FIPS support is fine for me. Thank you @matt

The certification isn’t about the software itself, rather it’s about the system overall and how you configure the various software/components that make up the system. FIPS seems to allow only a subset of ciphers and algorithms. At first glance, it seems that Caddy’s default config should be compliant out of the box (see list of ciphers on this page: tls (Caddyfile directive) — Caddy Documentation).


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