Introducing new storage backend and migrating existing certificates

I currently run Caddy as a single server. I am looking to add redundancy by having two (perhaps more in the future) Caddy nodes behind a Digital Ocean load balancer. I have a number of certificates on my existing server because customers can use their own domain.

I would like to add Redis as a storage backend (Digital Ocean have a managed Redis product) and this seems reasonably straightforward to configure. However, what do I need to do with my exisiting certificates? Do I need to somehow import them into Redis, or will Caddy just provision new ones in the new storage system when I attach it?

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Currently on a single Digital Ocean droplet

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Ubuntu 20

Caddy will provision new certificates. This might take a bit of time (to avoid rate limits) if you have a lot of them, but otherwise it should be just fine.

There’s not really any way to easily migrate from one storage backend to another, Caddy isn’t set up to do that right now. It’ll definitely be easier to just let Caddy get fresh certs.

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