Install caddy reverse proxy on Alpine linux

I’m trying to install the Caddy reverse proxy on the Alpine linux server (not container)
I could not find the official version of Caddy for Alpine linux.
I tried to install using the Build from source method, and after compiling with Go , no directory with caddy name was created in the path “/etc/caddy”


Caddy is in the Alpine repos Alpine Linux packages but it’s community maintained. We’ve had a really hard time getting a hold of the maintainers to get them to fix some issues.

Yeah, no support files come with the Caddy binary. When you build Caddy, it only produces the program (binary) and nothing else. You need to move it yourself to /usr/bin or whatever and do any other config/setup yourself.

I don’t know what upstart system alpine uses, it’s not systemd though, right? So you’ll need to figure that out yourself if you’re not using the Alpine package.

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