Incorrect documentation for placeholders?


I am working on customized logging with the http.log module and have been mostly successful with logging what I want. Basically, my log section looks like this:

log / /var/log/caddy/requests.log "\{ \"path\": \"{path}\", \"proto\": \"{proto}\", \"when\": \"{when}\", \"tls_cipher\": \"{tls_cipher}\", \"tls_version\": \"{tls_version}\" \}" {

I got the placeholders from the placeholders documentation on the site.

This works great - except for {tls_version}. The value that is produced is always a dash.

I looked at the source, and it appears the placeholder is actually called {tls_protocol}. Is this a documentation mistake, or am I misunderstanding something?

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Hi Kevin

Thanks for this. Could you log this as an issue in github please and we’ll update docs or fix.


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