IMPORTANT PSA: In preparation for 2.0, don't auto-update to "latest" release

Hi everyone! Important announcements for everyone who is automating their Caddy builds or deploys. This should go without saying, but:

Please do not automatically use the “latest” release. Always build the latest minor or patch release in the same major version (e.g. 1.x.x) instead.

It is excellent that you are automating your builds and updates, but once we tag v2.0.0, anyone automatically using the latest release without regard for the major version will break.

This is not Caddy-specific; this is good practice for any semantically-versioned software. We want to make sure you don’t break when we tag v2.0.0 in the future, which is coming.

We definitely want everybody to start using v2.0 as soon as possible (it is currently in beta), but that particular upgrade needs to be deliberate because it is not entirely backward-compatible with v1. A migration guide will be forthcoming, and for most people, the differences are small.

Please check your pipelines/units/scripts/configurations to make sure you will not automatically switch to a new major version when we tag v2.0.0.

Thank you!