I want to use caddy to store my files on google cloud storage

How I should configure my Caddyfile to store my files on google cloud storage.

Here is my current configuration


handle /uploads/* {
	root /uploads/* /uploads/
	uri strip_prefix /uploads

@back_requests {
	path_regexp ^/(api|auth|web_api|admin_api|hooks)/(.*)$

reverse_proxy @back_requests web:4000 {
	header_up Host {http.reverse_proxy.upstream.hostport}

reverse_proxy front:3000

Your question is unclear. What do you mean? Caddy doesn’t handle uploads itself.

Instead of saving the files on my machine in the /uploads/ folder, I want to store them in Cloud Storage.

Caddy doesn’t handle uploading of files.

Caddy’s file_server can only serve static files from the filesystem at this time.

You could set up a virtual filesystem that maps to cloud storage maybe, but that’s out of scope of Caddy, and not something we can help you with on these forums.

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