I want to know how Caddy's DNS (CoreDNS) works

Could you tell me how to solve this problem?

DNS→Configuration is correct→Allow Recursive Queries=Failed :joy:


Handsome @miekg Come on ~!

Will you be free? I need help! This is the magic call:rofl::
Handsome @miekg Come on ~!
Our great @matt Do you know anything about it?

Feel free to play with it. Happy to answer specific questions if you have them.

I forgot to set up my “Host name”

Now the problem should be easy to solve because I read a lot of configuration documents.

Thank you for your help.

Prohibit authoritative DNS recursive queries
How do I set it up?

Prohibit authoritative DNS recursive queries

these type of queries don’t exist, it’s either authoritative or recursive.

What are you trying to do? If you don’t specify a proxy nothing will get forwarded to (a potential) recursive DNS server.

Okay,i know.
The good news is that my machine is already on the line.

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