Hugo 0.16 is out!

If you somehow missed the news, Hugo 0.16 is now available, with some great things ! I don’t know if it would be useful for the caddy-hugo plugin, but I guess a new version will be available soon with the update ?

From the changelog :

Partial Builds: Prior to this release Hugo would always reread and rebuild the entire site. This release introduces support for reactive site building while watching (hugo server). Hugo will watch the filesystem for changes and only re-read the changed files. Depending on the files change Hugo will intelligently re-render only the needed portion of the site. Performance gains depend on the operation performed and size of the site. In our testing build times decreased anywhere from 10% to 99%.

Template Improvements: Template improvements continue to be a mainstay of each Hugo release. Hugo 0.16 adds support for the new block keyword introduced in Go 1.6 – think base templates with default sections – as well as many new template functions.

Polish: As Hugo matures releases will inevitably contain fewer huge new features. This release represents hundreds of small improvements across ever facet of Hugo which will make for a much better experience for all of our users. Worth mentioning here is the curious bug where live reloading didn’t work in some editors on OS X, including the popular TextMate 2. This is now fixed. Oh, and now any error will exit with an error code, a big thing for automated deployments.



Thanks @nicolinux! I’ll update Hugo plugin ASAP. :wink:

Have a nice day!


Hugo .16 and soon Caddy .9… What an exciting time to be alive! :slight_smile: