Htttp.cache plugin usage

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I found this plugin called http.cache which seems to be offering caching.

Now when I enabled caching in my Caddyfile, my site looks like a jumbled mess, I think I am missing something, can someone point out what? {
tls /etc/caddy/ssl/cert_chain.crt  /etc/caddy/ssl/
root /var/www/wordpress
fastcgi / /run/php/php7.0-fpm.sock php
rewrite {
if {path} not_match ^\/wp-admin
to {path} {path}/ /index.php?_url={uri}


Or cache isn’t supposed to work with WordPress?

(Matthew Fay) #2

I’d advise against using http.cache with WordPress, especially without careful configuration! It will definitely work, but its out-of-the-box behaviour could be disastrous.

To quote myself from an earlier thread on this topic:

(Esoteric Tweeter) #3

Thank you for your reply.

(George) #4

What about extending http.cache to cache by a key, cookie or to exclude from cache by a key or cookie ?

(Matthew Fay) #5

Sure, that could be feasible. The repository for the cache plugin is here:

At the moment, it looks like it can already be configured to cache by header content. What you’re proposing doesn’t seem too complex.

(George) #6

Yeah that would be good as it’s feature equivalent to nginx’s proxy_cache and fastcgi_cache supported options. Cloudflare also has for business and enterprise plan clients, bypass cache by cookie as well as cache by key, cookie or by device types

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