Http.hugo plugin incorrect links

Documentation on caddy website is referencing http.hugo plugin, but all links are pointing to filemanager plugin, including maintainer Henrique Dias. His profile doesn’t seem to be related to hugo plugin.
Is there any maintainer or proper links? Or is this plugin abandoned?

The Hugo plugin looks like just one part of @hacdias’s File Manager system.

As per, the entire system is usable as separate plugins (also including jekyll, which doesn’t seem to be published for the time being).

Here you can see the different Caddy plugins for the File Manager repo side-by-side:

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@whitestrake is right! The links are correct and ‘hugo’ is just ‘File Manager’ with Hugo added to it. The links for the documentation even states:

File Manager and all of its supported static website generators can be used as a Caddy plugin. Right now, it takes form of three different plugins: http.filemanager, http.hugo (with Hugo) and http.jekyll (with Jekyll).

And the plugins are mentioned more times in the docs page. The http.jekyll is not published yet and will only come out with the next release of Caddy.

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Thanks for responses. As it was pointed out by more competent people, this plugin is part of file manager plugin, so links are correct. I’ll try to make it work with hugo and let you know how it goes.

When is that, anyone?

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Releases aren’t scheduled, so just keep an eye out! Should be soon.