How to use the latest filebrowser?

This project was renamed from filemanager to filebrowser. New version 1.9.0.

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This might be a question for @hacdias - I think the plugin author has to update the Caddy plugin information.

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Corrected here:

Which isn’t in an official release yet.



Thanks for noticing it. I just tried to update it but I got an error:

Although, we are trying to make some changes on our repos to make the development easier and soon we’ll need to update the URLs here on Caddy Server.

In the meanwhile, @matt do you know what might be happening?

This is the error in the logs:

error getting plugin infos in git checkout: exit status 1: error: pathspec ‘v1.9.0’ did not match any file(s) known to git.

So for some reason, git checkout isn’t seeing the v1.9.0 target. Any recommendations to make sure it can check out that tag?

We’re going to make some changes on the build process so I think it’s better to wait a few days until solving this issue here.

Btw, when we update the version on Caddy Build Server, does it call go get -u?

Yes, it does – dependencies get updated when new deploys are done.

New version released guys! :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada:

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