How to use DNS provider plugins after building them

Can anybody please explain me how we add the plugin after the build? I built the google domains module but it’s not in the plugins list when I do caddy list-modules

How did you build? Did you add the --with pluginurl to the end of your build command?

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yes, that’s exactly what I did. And there were problems with some go dependencies. I removed go and install it from scratch. I am doing these on a VM

xcaddy build --with GitHub - caddy-dns/google-domains: Support for ACME DNS challenge through Google Domains

You can’t add modules after as far as I know. You need the build to complete properly with the specified module.

The module will be listed under “non standard modules”

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Is there any other way to handle this ACME Challenge? I struggled with nginx a lot and challenged it already. I am new to caddy and all I want to do is to allow wildcards *.domain and *.dev.domain

It’s rather straightforward to build with the plug-in. I would try to figure out why it’s not building properly.

But no, there is no way to enable the DNS challenge outside of the appropriate plug-in.

You should probably move your domains to another provider. Google Domains is dead, it’s been sold to SquareSpace. Hence why the plugin’s github repo has been archived.

If you’re having trouble building Caddy, then show the actual error you get. We can’t help if you don’t share what you’re actually seeing.

Make sure you have the latest version of Go installed (Go 1.22).

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