How to use caddy-config.yml in docker-compose file?

Hi all,

I’m trying to load caddy-config.yml by mapping this file to /config/caddy-config.yml or /config/caddy/caddy-config.yml but I don’t see it being logged in the docker log when starting the container.

How do I use a json file instead of the Caddyfile ?


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I don’t understand your question without context.

You don’t understand how to load a configfile using mapping ? That has nothing todo with the forum rules.

I have no idea what you’re talking about. What do you mean by “mapping”? That doesn’t mean anything on its own. I can’t read your mind.

Yes it does. We need the context from the answers to the questions in the template to be able to help you.

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With docker you should know what mapping is actually.

Anyways; you did as you gave the answer earlier this year it seems :wink:

No, “mapping” has no particular meaning. A mapping is just a relationship/association between two or more things. That’s extremely vague.

If you asked “how do I specify a JSON config file for Caddy to use”, then I could have answered that.

^^ I quote from my first post; your reply was just to fast as a “first poster” (you seem to do a lot)


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