How to test underlying GO TLS implementation?

Not familiar with Golang and Caddy’s TLS implementation but is there an equivalent for testing like with OpenSSL/LibreSSL


openssl speed rsa4096 rsa2048 ecdsap256 sha256 sha1 md5 rc4 aes-256-cbc aes-128-cbc


Just curious how it stacks up :slight_smile:

You want to test the performance of Go’s crypto? You can try running some benchmarks using the testing package. Caddy doesn’t (and won’t) have these commands built-in to test speed.

Thanks for your benchmarking work! Hopefully some optimizations will make their way in in the future.

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Yup just curious where possible optimisation can be found and how it compares :slight_smile:

guess something along the lines of

Indeed; Cloudflare has contributed quite a few optimizations to Go’s crypto libraries.

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