How to specify Consul cluster address for DNS query?

I’m finding a way to specify Consul cluster address when using DNS discovery


I can’t find any option to config DNS server?

Please fill out the help topic template. There’s not enough information in your post for me to be sure of what you’ve tried, what version of Caddy you’re using, etc.

You can find the template by clicking “New Topic” and choosing the Help category. The text area will be filled in with the template. You may copy it into a reply in this thread and fill it in.

Isn’t DNS resolver a system setting?

I use default DNS setting at port 53, but my Consul run at port

How can I specify SRV DNS use 8600 instead of default port 53?

I’m finding an option in Caddy to specify DNS server address as HAProxy resolver.

Please show us what your Caddyfile looks like, and the version of Caddy you’re using. These are questions the help topic template ask for. We’re not on the same page currently, so we need to realign so we can properly help you.

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