How to rewrite remote url if browser support webp?

I’m trying to make a rewrite rule that detects if browser support webp. I saw this topic Automatically serve webp if browser supports it and tried this conf as well:

rewrite {
  if {>Accept} has image/webp
  r ^(.+)\.(jpg|jpeg|png)$
  to {1}.webp {path} {path}/
header / Vary Accept

But seem it doesn’t work as I exptected. There are no any changes on my page.

I serve static files on aws s3, so on my page I have urls like:

I’d like to detect if client’s browser support webp and if so rewrite url to:

Could you please tell me is it possible and give me example of how to do it. Thank you

Hi @1114, welcome to the Caddy community!

What do you get when you try the requests another forum goer was using to troubleshoot their rewrites?

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