How to modify headers for any request that isn't a static file?

1. The problem I’m having:

We have an SPA we are serving with Caddy. We want to set cache control headers on any request that results in serving the index.html file. Our config currently uses try_files {path} /index.html so that any static file request is resolved, and everything else serves index.html. I’d like to be able to control cache headers separately for this.

Currently I have / and /index.html changing the cache control, and that’s working. But I guess I don’t understand how to catch anything that isn’t a static file. I’m very new to caddy and have mostly copy/pasted other’s configs. I’ve looked over the docs, but I don’t understand how I can select based on the result of the caddy resolution. For example, I can imagine that what I want is to change the header on any response that sends the index.html file, rather than the request path.

2. Caddyfile

# global options
	admin off # theres no need for the admin api in railway's environment
	persist_config off # storage isn't persistent anyway
	auto_https off # railway handles https for us, this would cause issues if left enabled
	# runtime logs
	log {
		format json # set runtime log format to json mode 
	# server options
	servers {
		trusted_proxies static private_ranges # trust railway's proxy

# site block, listens on the $PORT environment variable, automatically assigned by railway
:{$PORT} {
	# access logs
	log {
		format json # set access log format to json mode
	@index {
	    path /
	    path /index.html
	header @index {
	    Cache-Control "no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate"

	# health check for railway
	respond /health 200

	# serve from the 'dist' folder (Vite builds into the 'dist' folder)
	root * apps/web/dist

	# enable gzipping responses
	encode gzip

	# serve files from 'dist'

	# if path doesn't exist, redirect it to 'index.html' for client side routing
	try_files {path} /index.html

I’m kinda confused about your goal. You’re only serving static files. /index.html is also a static file. So I’m not sure what you mean by “catch anything that isn’t a static file”.

What exactly isn’t working with your current config? Show an example with curl -v.

Filling out the help topic template is a forum rule. You deleted most of the template, so we’re missing some key details to properly help you here. Please fill it out completely.

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