How to i SSL encrypt email server?

(DovahMerith) #1

So what im trying to do, is implement caddyserver as something like a firewall, where it applies SSL to the EMAIL server ports (IMAP, POP3, SMTP) and the likes.

how would i do this?

(Matthew Fay) #2

Caddy’s HTTP server can’t do this for you, but there is a server type plugin, net, which can proxy arbitrary UDP and TCP content and leverage the TLS capabilities of Caddy. Check out the documentation:

(Matthew Rhodes) #3

You should always use the built in features of the mail server, it is entirely possible to still use Caddy for the letsencrypt implementation. Peronsally I run webmail on the same domain that I accept SMTP and IMAP traffic, because its the same subdomain I just use the certificate Caddy generates in my mail server config. This works extremely well.