How to host a website in caddy. Please need complete guidance

I would really appreciate any help.

If it’s static html/php site you can use

If you want to host a mysql based site then you need to have some mysql setup knowledge.

Hi, What is the difference between this installer and the one on

In very short words, @sayem314’s installer installs Caddy and PHP, and creates a Caddy service and a folder where you can put your website. The installer merely downloads the caddy binary and installs it to your system. It doesn’t install PHP nor creates any folder where you can place your website. I’m not sure if you know, but a “service” is basically what allows to keep your Caddy running, and automatically restart it in case of failures and etc.

Who is better? It really depends on you. If you came here to ask for guidance I would definitely suggest you to use Sayem’s installer. On the other hand, if you’re comfortable working with a Linux terminal, using and configuring it from scratch would be a fun task :slight_smile:


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