How to handle lots of identical entries (aka templating)

1. Caddy version (caddy version):


3. The problem I’m having:

I have lots of sites which are defined exactly the same way:

https://siteA.mydomain {
    reverse_proxy endpointA:portA

https://siteB.mydomain {
    reverse_proxy endpointB:portB

I would like, ideally to configure them in one shot (pseudocode follows):

for site in [
    ('siteA', 'endpointA:portA'), 
    ('siteB', 'endpointB:portB')
    output_config('https://{{site[0]}}.mydomain {  reverse_proxy {{site[1]}} }')

It would be also wonderful to have some conditional actions in such a template.

Is this available in Caddy? (probably no)
Is there something close to that (probably no, except snippets)
Is this part of a long-term strategy?

The closest thing is snippets with arguments:

(proxy_template) {
	https://{args.0} {
		reverse_proxy {args.1}

import proxy_template siteA endpointA:portA
import proxy_template siteB endpointB:portB

I can’t say we have plans to expand on Caddyfile templating, it’s not a common concern and it would take a lot of effort to implement in a flexible way.

You could use some tool like from one of our contributors @hairyhenderson to generate your config from a template.

You could also look into GitHub - lucaslorentz/caddy-docker-proxy: Caddy as a reverse proxy for Docker if you’re running in Docker, to have Caddy auto-configure based on docker container labels

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Oh yes - thanks! I have several nested snippets so this is a natural extension. Great idea

I’ve written my own at some point but wanted something native to caddy.

I’ve used this for quite a long time but it probbaly not going to be maintained for caddy v2 andthe overload on the docker-compose file is not worth the effort. Caddyfiles are nice too.

I wrote in the past a tool that was talking with the docker engine and building up a JSON caddy configuration. But again - not worth the effort vs. a Caddyfile which I find more elegant.

Not true, it was rebuilt for v2 and it works great! Take another look!

Ah, good to know.

I stopped isn’t it when I read in one of the big reports a discussion about its future where Lucas mentioned that with Traefik he did not see much sense in going forwards.

Happy to hear this changed, it is a great piece of work.

I used that, then Traefik (1 and 2), then my own tool that was making use of the caddy API to finally end up with a plain Caddyfile

I proxy about 30 containers, they change sometimes but not often enough to be forced to use an edge router for them.

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