How to get SSL CERT?


I read the beginner doc, but I’m still not sure how Caddy works.
I use GoDaddy shared hosting, and I’m unable to SSH and use CertBot.
So I want to get a Certificate from Lets’ Encrypt (LE) . in manual mode, and to do that I understood I have to submit the CSR to LE. Unfortunately the following return some errors on Step 3:

I don’t see how to get my Certificate with Caddy, am I missing anything?

Thank you.

Hi @alex32, welcome to the Caddy community.

Caddy is software that you download and run on your own server. When using Caddy, you don’t need to submit any CSR, or use CertBot.

Shared Hosting is usually a heavily locked down, preconfigured server environment running Apache web server, MySQL for databases, PHP for dynamic websites, possibly cPanel for management, and very little else. Caddy assumes the same role Apache does in this setup, and you can’t use both.

Since the environment is shared with other tenants, you’re not allowed to make changes such as disabling the existing web server (Apache) in order to deploy Caddy.

If you want to make use of Caddy web server, you’ll need to use your own server environment (at home, or in the cloud) to run it from.

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