How to get Caddy to work with a .tk domain with Freenom?

Title explains itself(mostly). I’m trying to connect to a Jellyfin server, but it won’t. The setup and all can be found below:

Freenom Setup

  • Using Freenom Name Servers, with the following for Freenom DNS:
    – Name www, Type A, TTL 3600, Target my public ip address
  • Nothing is set up under “Register glue records” or “URL Forwarding”

Caddyfile Configuration

email   **

** {
        encode gzip
                log {
                        output file /etc/caddy/logs/jellyfin_access.log {
                                roll true                               # Rotate logs, enabled by default
                                roll_size_mb 5                  # Set max size 5 MB
                                roll_gzip true                  # Whether to compress rolled files
                                roll_local_time true    # Use localhost time
                                roll_keep 2                             # Keep at most 2 log files
                                roll_keep_days 7                # Keep log files for 7 days
    redir /jellyfin /jellyfin/
    reverse_proxy /jellyfin/**port*
# Edit 05/06/20 Remove Empty Brackets, Change logging format, and added Email portion. Commented out email portion for now
# Edit 05/07/20 Removed Email portion. Adding an optional part in the guide for it.
# Proof /u/NoFeedback4007 is original author. :)

I didn’t think the template was necessary in any way here, if it would really be preferred/necessary to use it, let me know.

Just ran another test, it’s working now :man_shrugging:

I assume it was a name resolution thing or something, I honestly don’t know.

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