How to disable default caddy when using "hook.service"?


  1. We’re using “hook.service” with our custom SSL folder and Caddyfile folder.
  2. Sometimes when the service fail or we stop him the default caddy commend start to run.
  3. When that happen he start create new SSL’s under /.caddy folder.

We don’t know why this is happen but we really don’t want the caddy default commend will run. We want that only the service will run with our default paths.

We set everything right, also set variable of the caddypath and we still don’t understand from where the .caddy folder is coming.

Thank you for any help you can give us.

Hi @job_noam,

If you’re not running the default Caddy command yourself after stopping your service, something else is.

A single service entry can’t run again, with a different configuration, after you take it down.

Logically, the best place to start looking is for another service entry - perhaps one you may have installed accidentally with hook.service - that your service manager might be trying to run concurrently and failing to start until you manually take the “correct” service down.

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