How to disable caddy in my website

1. The problem I’m having: is that caddy page opened when I call my website and I don’t know how to finish or erase it.

2. Error messages and/or full log output:

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3. Caddy version: not sure

4. How I installed and ran Caddy: I was looking to restore my web and hit caddy when searching and now caddy is there

a. System environment:

b. Command:

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c. Service/unit/compose file:

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d. My complete Caddy config:

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5. Links to relevant resources:

Unfortunately, you provided zero to no information at all about what happened, how you installed caddy, how you configured it and run it, and what exactly are you seeing on your browser and logs. We can only help if you provide sufficient information.

I was looking topics to fix my website which is on google clouds, but somewhat caddy got in the middle and after trying to get out, caddy took over and now when I hit (my domain) I see the caddy webpage. How to get rid of that?


Simply follow the instructions on the default landing page.

Caddy isn’t sentient yet to achieve this on its own. It’s more reasonable to assume user error. You can keep using Caddy by configuring it appropriately by, as Matt said, following the instructions on that page. You said something was wrong before you installed Caddy, what was wrong with it? What issue did you have and how did you end up with Caddy?

Uninstalling Caddy requires knowing how you installed Caddy, which isn’t known yet per your post.

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Ok, to me it is not important a culprit here. Maybe I made a mistake and I hit to install, or by mistake something happened that now de landing page is showing Caddy and to be honest I don’t now how to follow those points there. They are outside of my knowledge. Simply I need to know a way to get that caddy page not showing. I still have problems with the portal. I don’t know why when I waked up today my webpage was down and there’s no way to get it back with my knowledge and the guy who did it is no longer available.

If you help me I will be very glad and with gratittude.


Beside google cloud support is impossible. I can’t reach support neither.

opps, in case I have to pay, there’s no problem with that.

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Sorry about your plight. I am not sure there is much we can do here from outside observation. You’ll probably want to hire someone you can trust to investigate and restore the site.

Can I hire you to fix it?

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I’m not available currently … I would recommend asking around in professional web developer communities or marketplaces.

I do sympathize with not being able to reach Google Cloud support. Sorry about that.

Good Morning

I don’t understand this much. Caddy is a webserver for free. I read that in someplace.

So I won’t need google clouds?

Please respond

They’re not opposite of each other. It’s possible to use both Caddy and Google Cloud, depending on how your infrastructure is set up.

Ok, but right now I am stuck. How to uninstall Caddy?

Do you have a link or something?

thanks greatey for your help.


It depends how you installed it. You haven’t shown us how you did install it in the first place.

Been honest I am not sure what I did. I just find that looking for help and probably I clicked on installation, thinking is was a group of experts.

but Caddy does not seems to be installed on my machine. I looked program and features and don’t see nothing related.

Do you people know some guru or expert that help me to finish caddy or to erase it?


I honestly don’t understand what you expect from us. If you don’t know how you installed it, and can’t tell us either, then how do you expect us to tell you how to uninstall it? That’s illogical.

Trace back your steps. Read Caddy’s logs to see if it jogs your memory.

I can understand the frustration @aimcorp – it’s just that I don’t think we know how to help you. The forum is primarily volunteer-based helpers – many of whom are professionals – but what you have isn’t really a problem with Caddy. You need a professional who understands Google Cloud, and I imagine you’ll be more likely to find that on some freelancer marketplace.

How can I access the caddy server?

once caddy take care over https is almost impossible to not very smart people to get rid of it.

I migrate my website to another server and caddy is opening there too.

This is not an issue with Caddy as much as it’s an issue with your own infrastructure. Per your experience, you either have migrated the wrong server or migrated a replica that already has Caddy installed and configured as well.

From what I see, this is the IP address of your server: Does this match what what you see in your control panel or dashboard? Check your DNS configuration. How was your website deployed before? Is your website static (only HTML) or not (contains custom log in a programming/scripting language)? Those are questions you and your affiliates should know the answer for in order to be able to fix your server.

Your case requires a sysadmin, not a Caddy expert.

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